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Monday, March 27, 2017
i'm back

it's the first time after almost 7 years where i visited my blog. it even got deactivated due to inactivity. people are busy with fb and forgot how writers do stories. now their story is about everything about lives. ive had tumblr few years ago where i write my feeling but i deleted it since ive had few sensitive stories which i no longer want to remember. but here i am again going back to my old hobby... that is writing.

ive read what i wrote before and their were some grammatical errors. all writing without editing :D

here i am 7 years ago, married to ivan. he is the man i mentioned about from my first blog entry. yeah its a dream come true, i cant even recall those times. what i remembered is that i have prayed a lot for him to be mine. we have been together for 10 years now that is married for 6 years. we got married after 3 years of living together. we are trying to have kids but still nothing. i think its me. my body is not capable of bearing a child because of some health problems and obesity. for now we settle for these 2 cuties.. cloud and sky.. they bring lots of joy to our lives.. as my hubby said "they bring happiness you couldnt imagine". though they are dogs but to us they are a gift from god. to keep us company while he is preparing for our own.

typed from mobile, please consider with the capitalization.

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