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Monday, July 16, 2007
the first man in my life

yes! it was last 2005 when he txted me asking to be my txtmate, & i didnt intertain him that much because i hav already a txtm8 at that time & after sometime, we are able to meet because of a common friend who was the one who gave my number. at first he was the man i hate because he feels that i like him, but i did not. time had passed that me & my txtm8 lost in touch & he was able to know that im single again & when i was wandering around the mall & his friend was talking to me & he had heard something from our conversation about me & my x.  he then called me late at night asking me to do wat i had done with my x & i got angry with him, but one time i just ha nothing to do & while he kept on txting me & i was just riding in wat he wanted, i intertained him & i had fallen in love with him.

to be continued

Posted at 09:26 am by cutematet

Thursday, July 13, 2006
a blustery day indeed

in this day i have a mixed emotion, the moment i woke up this morning i received a text message from my friend saying that she will not attend the class, so do i. i don't like my teacher in theology 107 because he have this teaching strategy that whenever he ask you a question and you can answer his question you will be seated in the from he called it as "ariba, abaho". which i dont like its very time consuming. i got up at 7:40 and went to the CR to take a bath then went to school for my 2nd period class with sir babis, at first im in the mood for everything then i went down in the deans office to get my grades it was then i learned that i have failed a subject last semester. the thing thats bothering me is that none of my classmates have a grade in that subject because we havent passed our project which is the shot clock, i thought that my grade is just incomplete but then i realize that its "5" i just dont know why our instructor had given me that grade without my knowledge, if he will just give me that grade then tani he didnt make me as a leader nlng in that project. that news scares me. then putting aside that dissappointment i had a report in the afternoon which seemed to be exciting.

Posted at 03:07 am by cutematet

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